PI Mind MapMind mapping software is a visual planning technique and a great investigative software tool for Private investigators. Mind maps help you structure complex topics and contents and keep track of case tasks and issues. How can Private Investigators uses mind maps? Start your case by planning and set a clear goal. Your vision of what the case entails will become much clearer as you go through the mind mapping visual process.

You can use this PI tool as an individual private investigator or together with your investigative case manager and investigators in an online brainstorming session. From here, you can start categorizing topics, adding milestones, assigning first tasks and enter constraints and considerations. On a large case with many subjects, connections can be made visually to give you a bird’s eye view of big picture. Aspects of an investigation can be intuitively set using icons and built-in notification and reminder functions making sure no one misses a case deadline. Once you’ve got the clearer picture you can import your mind map easily into a case management tool, such as Case Point Management System as an image to share with your client. Share your map online and collaborate allowing other private investigator to add or edit the case map.
There are many mind mapping providers to choose from. I have tester several and found one to be easy to use is MindMeister found at http://www.mindmeister.com . You can sign up for free and create up to 3 mind maps. You can also search mind mapping on Google. Mind mapping is a great visual PI Tool and is worth exploring.

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